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- 12 cm mold injection memory foam seats + HR 32 kg

 Optional: 6 cm viscoelastic seat, at the same price    

- Backrests and arms in hollow silicone fiber

- Sliding seats with metal guides of three sections

- Seats, armrests and backrests with removable covers

- Removable arms in measures greater than 2.00 m

 Optional: The reduction of arms, increases 5% on the rate price

 (minimum arm measurement 15 cm)    

- Wooden legs in wenge color as standard

  Optional: Cherry wood legs / Square metal legs, same price

- Thread seams to tone by default

 Optional: Contrast thread, increase 0.77 stitches per piece

- Wooden structure




tecnico jade.png
home visco 3.png



injection mold




The height of this model is 1.05 m

Pouf height 48 cm and pouf with backrest 60 cm

Measurements on arm of 22 cm

Depth 90cm

Measurements taken on flexible surfaces (+/- 3 cm tolerance)




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