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memory foam







density 85kg






It is an exclusive memory foam for sofas; high-density with soybean oils and injected into our own exclusive molds. Injection molding obtains a much higher, homogeneous and balanced density. With the pore or open cell smaller than in other foams, a higher viscosity is achieved, a unique sensation of weightlessness thanks to the absence of pressure, a slower return and greater durability. Thanks to its specific formulation, Piccolo has managed to adapt this leading foam in the rest sector to the world of the sofa, combining its exclusive molds and high-density injection memory foam. No other memory foam has the comfort that Piccolo's In-Mould Injection Memory Foam offers.

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no pressure points

maximum rest






Totally adaptable, it attaches to each body, distributing its weight according to the surface.


Thermoregulated, it does not need to capture body heat to offer all its comfort. Ready to offer the best comfort at any time.


Excellent durability. Its slow return ensures full recovery for much longer than a standard foam.


Ideal in the use of seats and backrests according to designs. The mold remains unchanged thanks to the absence of cuts.

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