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Piccolo sofas: manufactures high-quality, electric, handcrafted sofas and a wide variety of sofas, chaise longues and corner sofas with molded memory foam.

The craft spirit, the attention to detail, the value of what is made by hand.

Piccolo sofas are designed and manufactured in Spain. The Piccolo style is revealed in collections whose fundamental values are elegance, the highest quality and a charm that conquers.

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It allows us to rest in a correct posture. Having obtained a good position, the relaxation of the muscles is also more satisfactory. Also, when we have our legs elevated, we facilitate our blood circulation.






chaise longue





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The sofas with chaise longue adapt perfectly,  taking advantage of the corners and gaining extra seating in your space, since they allow the orientation of the long module to the left or right

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The shallow models are perfect for small spaces and are also the best option for smaller people, offering a more correct and comfortable posture. They maintain all the comfort of the rest of the sofas and have the possibility of chaise longue and corner modulations in many of them.

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depth 8o cm





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memory foam







density 85kg






No other viscoelastic achieves the comfort offered by the memory foam injection in mold ofPiccolo.

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